9: A Duck in the Face

by Max Leibman

The Priority team talks mantras, models, and motivation! Caitie shares some phrases she uses to gain perspective and clarity about her role. Meanwhile, Max prefers the term “theme” over “mantra.” Then again, he also confuses Mary Engelbreit and Madeleine L’Engle, so maybe he’s not the best authority.

What is your mantra? Whether it’s “What would Jesus do?” or “What’s the Next Action?” the words we choose to focus our attention on matter. As usual, there isn’t a single answer for everyone. Worse, there’s not even a single answer for anyone: any theme or motto that works will lead us to outgrow it. “Picture of a boat”-style inspiration is always fleeting. Nothing is permanent . . . except maybe that tattoo of your 23-year-old self’s motto.



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