7: I Kool-Aid-Manned My Way In

by Max Leibman

This week, Caitie and Max discuss how your audience informs—or should inform—your work.

Won’t you join us in a game of Priority Podcast Bingo? The team talks about writing (again), Max references David Allen’s Getting Things Done (again), and Caitie groans as he claims yet another specious job title. If you enjoyed Episode No. 4’s discussion of Inbox Zero, you’re in luck, as Max spends way too much time discussing email etiquette.

But, fear not. All of this propels a lively conversation about the positive effects of identifying who the audience for your work is—and the key lesson that you should assume you have one. An audience you’re not even thinking of may be right behind the next wall, waiting to burst in like the Kool-Aid Man.


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