65: We're Off to a Banner Start

by Max Leibman

If you only listen to one final episode of Priority this week, make it this one! Eighteen months after taking to the digital airwaves, the Priority team finishes the podcast with an appropriate topic: how does one actually finish a big project? 

Max revisits strategies he has shared previously: committing specific blocks of time to work, focusing on only a few must-do projects, and taking advantage of random moods and inspirations to “finish things on a whim.” Caitie, meanwhile, considers her relationship to her work—finding the part of the project she can’t stop thinking about, paying attention to how long things actually take, and being kind to herself along the way. 

How will it all end? Will our hosts triumph over evil (or at least over self-derailing jokes and asides)? Join them one more time to find out!


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