64: Pages and Pages of Anger

by Max Leibman

We now join our episode synopsis, already in progress!

Picking up where they left off last week, the Priority team discusses work in process. What do you do with your unfinished projects? The spectrum of management strategies runs the gamut from the Gantt chart to the stack of papers on your desk, and our hosts have explored all points in between. 

Caitie shares a cautionary tale about a treasure trove of half-formed ideas she once lost, and comes to the vaguely Buddhist conclusion that—important or not—unfinished work is fragile and impermanent. Max shares strategies he has seen work (including ones he candidly admits he doesn’t implement well).  

Ultimately, we learn to minimize work in process when we can, contain and secure it when we can’t, and to never, ever, include the word “Final” in a file name. 


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