63: Just Like Grandpappy Did

by Max Leibman

Can a preliminary sketch still be considered “art?” (Given how little editing Max does some weeks, our hosts hope so!) An exhibition of unfinished works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art inspires this episode’s topic: rough drafts. 

Caitie reminds us to appreciate our drafts, or even our rough-around-the-edges finished projects; a rough approximation is sometimes the best we can do and helps get us to something better. Max, meanwhile, points out that everything is a draft—even the most polished product represents where the creator stopped working, not some Platonic ideal of what it could be. 

From Kanye West to Harper Lee, and from Kevin Smith’s Clerks to refugee scientists’ unfinished studies, the Priority team contemplates and celebrates the imperfect and incomplete. These works which may be stepping stones to something better, but in any case are better than nothing. 


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