61: Caitie Watchers™

by Max Leibman

Where does the time go? The week, forty-five minutes of Priority’s time went into discussing Laura Vanderkam’s “The Busy Person’s Lies” and 168 Hours. She believes we have more time—and less work—than we think we do. 

Put your torches and pitchforks down, folks—as we will discover, Vanderkam knows of what she speaks, having studied the research literature and many individuals’ time logs. 

This inspires a lively discussion of various time-tracking schemes our hosts have attempted. Caitie reports a healthy balance of work and sleep. Max—a new dad—seems a little, well, less balanced. 

Caitie suggests that the secret may be to “get salaried, but think hourly.” In other words, get as much control as you can over your own time, but spend it as though it were still finite and measured—because ultimately, it is. 


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