60: Stay in School, Kids

by Max Leibman

Toast. Tired. Beat. Exhausted. Under the weather. Over it. 

This week on Priority, Max asks an important question: how do you do your best work when you feel less than your best? What happens to your productivity when you are not firing on all cylinders? With an eight-week-old baby under his roof, it’s little wonder he’s struggling with these very issues right now. 

Caitie—no stranger to wearing multiple plates and keeping a lot of hats spinning—stresses the importance of good self-care. Getting enough (or at least more) rest, eating right, and even minimizing little annoyances all make a difference. 

Whether you’re burning the candle at both ends out of necessity, or just because you like fire, tune in this week for great tips on making the most of your work when you have the least to offer! 


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