58: Dad Eyes

by Max Leibman

Max is a new dad! Caitie is a new aunt! Priority has a new episode!

One month ago, Max and Kourtney welcomed their son, Owen, into the world. Thanks to the experience of becoming a parent, Max now understands things about life and love that only another parent can appreciate. 

Kidding: this is not that kind of show. Max is actually pretty down on that kind of parental self-importance, but he does now understand a few things better than he did before. He’s rapidly becoming an expert on sleep deprivation, time constraints, and dirty diapers. 

This week on Priority, Caitie picks her co-host’s brain about life and work in a post-baby world, and tries to tackle some very real issues: what happens to work in the face of a newborn? How did he brace for change? And just how do you pronounce “aunt?” 



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