57: The Gravel Road of the Information Superhighway

by Max Leibman

Do you feel like you've been literally buried alive in business metaphors? Just missed your black belt in martial arts-inspired jargon? In the second half of their review of The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity, Max and Caitie explore the book's sage advice for managing schedules, technology, and energy.
Caitie critiques the authors' varied imagery—the "gravel" of trivial tasks and notifications, or the Samurai-like "swordlessness" of one who avoids dependence on a particular tool. Max places The 5 Choices into its historical context, and suggests that the book even works as "GTD Light" for those who find David Allen's Getting Things Done overwhelming. 
The book’s sleazy antagonist, Carl, returns in these latter pages, too. The authors promise that their advice can handle him, but the Priority hosts don’t believe in leaving things to chance. Their takeaway? Carl must be stopped, at any cost.


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