55: You Will Love Business!

by Max Leibman

Caitie reaches a milestone, receiving her first set of professionally-printed business cards. This inspires a lively discussion about the parameters and purposes of business cards, and the culture of capital "n" Networking.

Our hosts contemplate the place of these scraps of paper in our digital age. Caitie reflects on a past experience in which a card received helped a brief encounter at a conference grow into a meaningful exchange of ideas. Max, meanwhile, recommends only accepting a business card if you know why you want it—either to support a clear, short-term engagement, or to add its subject to a well-maintained system of contacts (which he keeps calling a “Rolodex,” despite that fact that even he isn’t old enough to have ever used one). 

Here’s our card—let’s do lunch sometime! Or, better still: just listen to the episode.


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