52: The Mark Twain That This Generation Deserves

by Max Leibman

Thomas Edition—no stranger to taking credit for others’ words—might dispute this attribution.

Thomas Edition—no stranger to taking credit for others’ words—might dispute this attribution.

What would you do if a great opportunity fell into your lap today? If you’re Max, you might grab a towel and some club soda, and hope it doesn’t stain your pants. He points out that we often fail to recognize opportunities when they appear. 

Meanwhile, Caitie would take that opportunity and run with it. While her co-host worries over the limits of our ability to seize opportunities, she is actively taking advantage of one. She recounts the changes she has made to her schedule and infrastructure in order to take it on. 

One thing our hosts agree upon: like the weekly “once in a lifetime!” sale at the furniture store, opportunities don’t last forever (and unlike that sale, they won’t always come around again). But you know what they say: “When opportunity knocks, God opens a window.”


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