50: Max Reacher

by Max Leibman

This week, Priority hits the road! 

Caitie likes to devote the proper time and space to travel. Just getting from point A to point B is plenty for one day, even without the TSA patting down one’s hair for explosives. Max agrees, and shares his favorite way to take control of travel days: packing lightly. He may not have the freedom of, say, Jack Reacher (who packs only a wallet and toothbrush) but he feels liberated flying with nothing but a single backpack. 

The Priority team muses on the broader implications of this kind of lightness—could packing lightly, and the affordances of a clean hotel suite, suggest patterns applicable to the rest of life and work? If not, Caitie and Max can at least agree they are both happy when they manage to avoid packing more than they can chew. Wait…


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