47: A Year Is a Thing

by Max Leibman

Productivity nerds and laypeople alike hold deep skepticism towards New Year's Resolutions. They feel a little arbitrary, a little corny. What’s so special about January 1st? 

Maybe December 31st isn’t the moment to re-imagine your entire life. You’re still going to be you the next morning (or, perhaps, you’ll turn into you-with-a-hangover). But if there is a little motivational magic to be had, why not go for it? 

This week, Caitie recounts silly goals of New Years past. Meanwhile, Max suggests that reflecting on the year just past might be the most valuable part of resolution-making—both to celebrate, and ground your future plans in reality. 

As usual, a focus on why we’re doing anything—including naming our goals each New Year’s Eve—may help keep us on track. If nothing else, resolve this year to keep listening to Priority.


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