36: The Two-Faced God of Your Morning Coffee

by Max Leibman

As autumn deepens and The Holidays draw near, Caitie contemplates the place of seasons in our lives, plans, and—yes—decorating sprees. 

Being Midwesterners, the Priority team is all too familiar with the turning of the seasons. But seasons aren’t just, in the words of Marcus Buckingham, “The PowerPoint version of the weather.” It seems for everything, as the Byrds put it, there is a season—baseball season, the school year, a television season, tax season. But seasons do more than provide external cues to mark our time. They also remind us to make plans in units bigger than a day, week, or even month. The season is a framework for thinking about the big projects and themes of our lives. 

So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and pull up a chair, dear listeners: the Priority Season is upon us!


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