35: Six-Foot To-Do List

by Max Leibman

Talk about task lists? Easy: check! 

Creating and accomplishing to do list items is simple enough when they're clear, but what about those fuzzy ones that languish in task list purgatory? The Priority team is making some lists and checking them twice this week, and trying to figure out what works. 

Caitie is haunted by items lurking at the bottom of her list, but also shares how she leans on her calendar, and how it reflects the relationship between her tasks and her time. Max talks about a few functions his lists serve, including committing to an action: if it gets put on the list, it's real. 

What do we learn this week? That these are habits of mind that have to be developed (hence, you know, "habits"). 

Can we wrap this summary with a satisfying "check"? Check!


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