32: Gavel, Gavel, Gavel

by Max Leibman

If our individual time and attention are precious resources, then how much more valuable—and fragile—are our shared time and attention? The answer is "very," and nothing despoils those resources like a bad meeting. 

Caitie tells a story of teleconferences past (equal part cautionary tale and productivity nightmare), and makes some real-life meeting plans. Meanwhile, Max supplies his usual mix of project management thinking, silly hacks, and David Allen quotes. 

In his talk, “Bad Meetings (and How You’ll Fix Them),” Merlin Mann compares running a meeting to driving a bus: somebody has to keep their eyes on the road. But what if you're in someone else's out-of-control meeting? Should you throw a shoe at the driver? Tune in as the Priority team tries to get their meetings—and figurative language—under control.


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