30: Ask Your Doctor About Ambivert

by Max Leibman

An angry introvert and an ambivert walk into a podcast . . . and start shouting about Quiet, by Susan Cain (again).

Max is still embracing his label and questioning Caitie’s, but the Priority team has a few more things to say about Cain's a book about the often under-appreciated and misunderstood qualities of introversion. Caitie reflects on various definitions of "sensitivity" and their relationship to introversion. Max wonders if more folks would see the world more clearly—and adjust their reactions to it—if armed with Quiet's ideas.

Here in the second half of this two-part series, the team wholeheartedly recommends the book, despite some flaws. Cain has launched a cultural touchstone into the world, and sensitivities be damned, Priority will gladly get loud for Quiet


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