27: Tequila Mockingbird

by Max Leibman

Ever wondered what makes a story a classic? Or how many jiggers of literary tropes it takes to mix a mockingbird?

Well, the Priority team may not have all of the answers, but that's never stopped them. In their third foray into art and culture, Caitie and Max visit and revisit Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Caitie rediscovers some important moments, the things that make Mockingbird a real gem across her years of "required reading." Max finds the novel more entertaining than he'd expected. (Then again, his pre-reading impressions included "something-something-racism" and "someone named Scout.")

Thoughtful cultural critics they are, Caitie and Max decide that maybe it’s not about how much tequila is in your mockingbird. Maybe it's more important that we keep questioning the classics and looking for what’s useful in all those books we were supposed to have read. 


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