26: Twelve Angry Coworkers

by Max Leibman

Remember when Caitie and Max first debated workspaces, and the power our environment has to influence our productivity, work culture, and happiness? Yeah, we don’t, either, because—as it happens—that episode was recorded but never released.

But today, they revisit the topic with renewed vigor. Caitie sympathizes with worker bees who just want to put a little personality into their space. Max loves a tidy desk, but more than anything he’s just really, really angry about open plan offices.

Unfortunately for the millions who work in them, he’s not alone. The research on multitasking, interruptions, and cubicle farms is fairly damning. But if you need a break from the hubbub, feel free to mosey on down to his private office to shoot the breeze about workspaces. Just be sure to knock first.


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