22: Weird Summer Housewife Magazine Person

by Max Leibman

Five months into the podcast, the Priority team is starting over—or, at least, talking about starting over. 

Our hosts don't decide on a topic until after they start recording, and a wide-ranging discussion of fresh starts (and grocery store life hacks?) ensues. As Max points out, it's often the not-so-fresh-start, picking up the project anew each day, that gets us where we're going. Caitie agrees, and observes that so much of the magic of the fresh start is, in fact, sleight of hand. We create the illusion of change, or trick ourselves into making better choices. 

But whether you are after real change, or just need a momentary shot of inspiration, today's episode of Priority has something for everybody. If you're new to the show, give yourself the gift a fresh start, and listen to this one. 


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