20: That's Fine for Putin

by Max Leibman

Caitie adds a new term to our conversation on work/life balance: cohesion

So-called experts on “business success” laud focus as the key to achievement, but they leave a lot of the details up to us. Should every role, project, contact, and hobby support some central mission? Or should your hobbies give you a much-needed break and keep you from burning out on that mission? 

A cohesive plan may get you where you’re going—as Max points out, you’re unlikely to grow up to be an NFL quarterback if you’re also the quarterback of jazz band. But how many of us stuck to the plans we made as teenagers? The Priority team’s bottom line on cohesion, typically, isn’t completely coherent. Whether you go all-in on one big thing or wear many hats, you make trade-offs between power and flexibility (and maybe sanity). 


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