19: There Is No School Day

by Max Leibman

How many hats do you wear? How many plates are you spinning? How many metaphors can Max force into this episode synopsis?

Continuing the productivity arc of the past two weeks, the Priority team tackles the hot-button issue of Work/Life Balance. Caitie doesn’t love the term, or the way it pre-frames the conversation in listeners’ minds. But whatever we decide to call it—Max likes “sustainability,” while Caitie speaks of “self-care,” and you may prefer to call it “Al”*—the conversation is critical. Whether you’re putting in 80-hour workweeks or simply playing too many roles, the best time to think about balance is now. The alternative is being stretched so thin you’re no longer even there. 

* ~ If you thought this was silly, you should see the other Paul Simon joke Max wanted to make. 


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