18: Living with Boxes

by Max Leibman

As Caitie's move progresses to the unpacking phase, Max asks a timely question: "At any given moment, how do you know what to work on?" 

The Priority team proceeds to drop some serious to-do list science. Max can't remember what David Allen's "Four Criteria Model for Choosing Actions in the Moment" is called, but he recites it perfectly. Given Caitie's current project, the discussion turns to prioritizing tasks in less-than-optimal circumstances—with more to do than you can do, and when facing exhaustion or overwhelm.

But despite the name of the podcast, it's not really about "setting priorities," per se. Not all actions are equal, but checking off even the lowest-priority task beats doing nothing. After all, it all has to get unpacked sooner or later (just don't use that example with Caitie for a week or two. Touchy subject).


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