16: Time, Cost, Quality, or Cupholder?

by Max Leibman

How do you know when your project is done?

Friend of the show* David Allen suggests that “the way you get things done is you define what done means, and you define what doing looks like.” The team discusses the project management triangle, in which the constraints of time, budget, and scope are balanced against each other. Caitie agrees that we need to know what done means and what the constraints are, as every project could be polished forever without ever quite reaching “perfect.”

For once, Max is nice to most of the authors he brings up, but he can’t resist picking on Lynne Snead and Joyce Wycoff for the title of their ellipses-laden project management book, To Do…

[Wait for it…]


[Wait for it…]


* ~ Not really, but Max brings him up all the time.

The importance of getting clarity on your project vision, as illustrated in Snead & Wycoff's project management book. 

The importance of getting clarity on your project vision, as illustrated in Snead & Wycoff's project management book. 


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