15: Emergency Novel

by Max Leibman

After a week off from Priority’s usual topics, Caitie and Max return, ready to cover new ground. Naturally, they revisit a previous topic instead: audience. 

Caitie recounts how Marco Arment’s article “Apple Has Lost the Functional High Ground” unexpectedly garnered massive media coverage (and controversy). We all want our work and our words to reflect on our best intentions. That’s why we polish them, and risk public scrutiny. But what happens when our work reaches an audience we weren't thinking of? Or the audience hears us in a way we hadn't imagined? Max, ever the optimist, points out how quixotic it is to try to dictate who sees our work and how they interpret it.

There are no easy solutions, but the news isn't all bad. There are also benefits to capturing and sharing our experiences—whether we've polished them or not. 


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