12: Maybe I'm Not a Horrible Person

by Max Leibman

You want to know what this week’s episode about? Well, thanks for asking!

From social science studies to New Thought garbage like The Magic, plenty of sources suggest gratitude makes a difference in our lives. The Priority team appreciates the importance of this topic and gives it most of the seriousness it deserves.

Caitie is concerned about the importance of sincerity and the practical outcomes of praise and appreciation. Meanwhile, Max is cranky about how poorly we respond to each other’s gestures of gratitude (“No, thank you!”). The team explores when it’s appropriate to say “No problem!” (hint: not often) and better ways to express and accept gratitude.

Along the way, we learn how William Shakespeare invented etiquette and how Dr. Phil saved baseball . . . as well as several other things that are, in contrast, actually true.

You’re welcome. 


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