11: I am a Time Traveler

by Max Leibman

Caitie and Max go on a time-hopping adventure back to a 1980 boardroom and ahead to a birthday party in 2053. Along the way, they ask all of the important questions—except, perhaps, “Why don’t they time travel to more interesting times and places?” 

How do you imagine your future? Is it worth thinking more than a few moves ahead? Is it even possible?

Inspired by the work of organizational theorist Karl E. Weick, Caitie posits that the best way to think about the future may be, ironically, retrospectively. The Priority team also make their usual quota of mistakes—at one point, Max thinks it’s February—but they’ll fix it in post-production. Or just travel back in time and prevent the errors before they occurred.


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[It is possible we settled on the wrong pronunciation.]

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[This is the source of the David Allen quote, which was misquoted in the episode. Actual text: “Prepare for the worst, imagine the best, and shoot down the middle.”]

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