10: Still No Real Beths

by Max Leibman

Inspired by “Titles are Toxic” by Michael Lopp, aka Rands, the Priority team explores the myriad ways that job titles are misleading, exploitive, and—yes—toxic.

Caitie shares her frustration with labels that fail to reflect all of the professional hats we wear. Max laments the fake growth suggested by arbitrary job titles, as he progresses from Title Malcontent I to Title Malcontent II.

But don’t throw out the Assistant Baby with the Senior Bathwater Administrator. Our roles can inspire us, and sometimes an accurate job description forms a bulwark against job creep. As usual, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions (or one-size-fits-all titles). You can aspire to your title, transcend it, or request a better one. Just remember that everyone you meet is more than their job title suggests—which will promote you to Mindful Job Title Evaluator, Grade 3.


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[This episode is the origination of the running gag about a notional "Beth."]

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